Brand Spotlight: Bella + Canvas

Brand Spotlight: Bella + Canvas

Bella + Canvas offers superior craftmanship, exceptional USA-made quality and commitment to sustainability. No wonder they are one of the leading providers of blank apparel in the United States.

Where are their shirts manufactured?
Bella + Canvas is based out of Los Angeles but offers a hybrid approach to manufacturing their tees. Their fiber is sourced both locally and globally, then dyed in the Southern California area and then cut mostly in their LA manufacturing headquarters. Cut fabrics are sewn either in LA or in other sewing facilities in the north and south American region. All labels feature a tag label with the country it is sewn in as its country of origin, regardless of the American elements that contribute to its manufacture.

What makes their t-shirts so special?
Bella + Canvas offers several types of fabric in their shirts - from cotton to triblend to a poly-viscose. What makes them so special is their process, transforming the rough cotton fibers into a finer, softer feel. It's what makes them a premium brand.

Why do you use Bella + Canvas?
For two main reasons: practicality and quality. Practicality because they are a premiere provider of blank apparel with a variety of colors and available in most fulfillment houses, giving us backup options to pull from another production facility if a particular color or size is low elsewhere. Quality because our number one pet peeve when it comes to shirts are scratchy shirts. You know when you pick a Bella + Canvas shirt that we have not shortcutted on quality to squeeze out an extra buck or two in profit on a cheaper shirt. 

What products use Bella + Canvas?
Glad you asked! Our current list of products printed on Bella + Canvas tees are:

  • Adult/Unisex Crew Neck Graphic Tee 
  • Adult/Unisex Long Sleeve Graphic Tee 
  • Junior Fit Crew Neck Graphic Tee 
  • Women's Cropped Crew Neck Graphic Tee
  • Women's Cropped Fleece Graphic Hoodie
  • Women's Relaxed Fit Crew Neck Graphic Tee 
  • Women's Relaxed Fit Scoop Neck Graphic Tee 

As our fulfillment providers offer more options, so will we. Please check out the product video attached to each item to view how it looks on a model.

Stay tuned for further updates and information on our store and our products!


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